We’re Forward,
an insights-
driven brand

While much of our work involves primary or secondary research, we’re not simply a market research firm

Our cultural fluency, passion, and empathetic approach allow us to understand human behavior more deeply, giving context to brand, category, and consumer insight…

…ultimately leading to more robust, future-facing strategy

What we do          

We answer any and all questions about people and culture...

...and help clients develop strategies to leverage this insight 


We do this by...

obsessing over culture

interviewing experts

engaging people through in-home ethnographies

running digital communities

leading discussion groups

conducting semiotic analyses

immersing ourselves in spaces & places

co-creating and workshopping

and more 

Across a variety of project types...

target understanding

Connecting brands to their targets in the most human and impactful ways possible
brand positioning

Positioning brands to have meaning in the world today
creative development

Partnering to develop resonant creative content across mediums

cultural insight

Distilling macro cultural shifts into strategic and actionable insights
semiotic analysis

Studying signs, signals, and symbols to identify powerful, unspoken messages
product innovation

Driving innovation and product creation that adds value to individual brands, broader portfolios, and people’s lives
market & competitive landscape

Understanding category dynamics and a brand’s position in it, giving structure to strategy and helping navigate complexities
space ‘safaris’

Combining local expert interviews and on-the-ground exploration to bring a city or neighborhood to life
pilot/series development & positioning

Uncovering the most compelling and exciting direction for series

We bring our story and strategy to life through visually compelling presentation decks, immersive workshops, narrativized film, interactive websites, and more